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How to choose web hosting

When choosing the right web hosting service you need to bear in mind a few different factors:

1. What are your requirements i.e. do you have an idea on the resources you need

2. Where are the majority of the customers in the world

3. How important is your website

4. What is your budget

5. What is your technical knowledge

6. What do other people have to say about your potential web hosting provider

7. Do you need a web hosting control panel

8. How much is your site likely to grow in the future

9. Testing out your web hosting provider

So lets discuss each of these in turn.

Required resources

How much space do you actually need and how many visitors do you anticipate per day / month / year to your website? If you are putting up a family blog you are likely going to need much less diskspace and bandwidth than if you are hosting a ecommerce website that is going to be selling thousands of different products.


If the majority of your customers are going to be based in the UK then having UK hosting may help a bit in terms of search engine rankings. There will also be a small speed difference versus hosting your website somewhere else in the world. This will a matter of milliseconds however.

Web Hosting Budget

Your budget is always something important to consider when making any purchasing decision. Are you looking to spend £50 per month or £500 a month. If you are looking to spend £50 a month and host a website that is going to have hundreds of thousands of users visiting it every day then you are likely to have issues.

Technical Expertise

What is your level of understanding of web hosting. If you don’t have a great deal of technical knowledge and you are wanting the web hosting company to provide you with a full managed server / service is likely to be the best solution. If however you are confident with patching, securing and doing all the day to day management of your server then an unmanaged server that will be cheaper is likely a better solution.

Feedback for your web hosting provider

Before choosing any new supplier for web hosting or a dedicated server it is always important to read up on what other customers have written about them. If you can’t find much then take it as a positive thing as likely people aren’t having issues with them. Asking friends and family for their hosting recommendations is also a very good way of finding a new supplier.

Web Hosting Control Panel

There are a variety of web hosting control panels available, for example, Plesk and cPanel. These make the management of you website much easier and mean you can easily add, edit and remove email accounts, files and the vast majority of settings for your web hosting account.

Growth of your website

How much do you anticipate your web site growing over time. If it is likely to grow you want a hosting company that can provide you with a seamless path from one product to the next with no downtime and without incurring massive fees.

Testing out your web host

The final tip we would offer is test out your potential new web host fully, ring up their support and see how fast they respond. Do they answer your query effectively and in a way that you understand? Are they friendly and helpful? All these factors are very important as you are likely to be working with them for a reasonable period of time.

Client testimonial

catalyst2 have delivered a fantastic service. With any question that I've asked them, they are always very easy to deal with and respond quickly with helpful, productive answers.

Anthony Goulden