Backups are crucial. When something goes wrong, you can’t have too many levels of backup, that’s why we take it seriously and implement a rigorous regime for every server. On our VMware dedicated servers we take 3 types of backups as standard, all included in the price.

1. A daily offsite file level backupbackup-servers
2. A weekly offsite snapshot of the entire server
3. An hourly replica of our storage arrays

What does this all mean?

Our daily backups are held offsite for 7 days as standard, but we can keep them for months or even years depending on your requirements – Contact us for a backup quote.

These backups are performed using R1Soft’s CDP software allowing very granular restores, meaning we can restore any file that existed on your server in the last 7 days within a few minutes.

The full server snapshots are taken weekly and mean that we can roll the whole server back to exactly the state it was in when the snapshot was taken, to any VMware server, giving us another level of disaster recovery should it be required. VMware technology also means we can “snapshot” the server before any major upgrades and if things don’t go to plan, easily roll back to how everything was before the upgrade, reducing time spent rolling back after failed updates, and keeping you online.

The hourly storage replica’s are for disaster recovery, this that if we were to have a complete failure of a storage array we wouldn’t lose more than an hours worth of data. An important thing to check when looking at any ‘cloud’ provider, as many will not replicate your data, meaning lengthy restores or even complete data loss.

We believe this offers a very robust backup and recovery platform, helping our clients recover data faster and from more than one location to help us all sleep better at night!

Client testimonial

I believe catalyst2 are a great company. They have made something somewhat confusing to those not experienced with it much simpler and the support is at a very high level.

Dan Warman