Managed Servers

Our managed hosting platform has been built to perform, nothing is left to chance, from redundant hardware to our experienced staff, we can provide the reliability and flexibility today’s online business needs. By covering the details, you can concentrate on your business, we will even help you move from your existing server.

Every site is different, so we get to know our clients and their needs before recommending a solution, and with the flexibility of our VMware platform you can start small and grow as your business dictates. Every solution includes full backups, management and firewalling, and our friendly UK support means you are never more than a phonecall away from an expert, day or night.

So lets talk and see how we can make your hosting faster, easier and more secure – 0800 107 7979

What is included with my managed dedicated server?

Hosted on our fully redundant VMware cloud with Dell Hardware

24/7 UK based Friendly Expert Support and a Dedicated Account Manager

100% Network Uptime Agreement

Full Firewalling and 7 day rolling offsite Backups

Proactive server and website monitoring

Automated Security Updates

Instant Failover to new server on our VMware cloud

Fast Setup and we can help you migrate from your existing host

Managed Hosting Plus

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Sample server configurations

  • Monthly Price
  • Annual Price
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Diskspace
  • RAID
  • SAN Disk Type
  • Full Management
  • Platform
  • Backups
  • Uptime
  • Setup time
  • £199
  • Contact us for a quote
  • 1 vCPU
  • 4 gb
  • 50gb
  • Raid 10
  • SAS 15K
  • Included
  • Windows 2012/ Linux
  • Daily
  • 100%
  • Within 24 hours
  • £299
  • Contact us for a quote
  • 1 vCPU
  • 6 gb
  • 75gb
  • Raid 10
  • SAS 15K
  • Included
  • Windows 2012/ Linux
  • Daily
  • 100%
  • Within 24 hours
  • £399
  • Contact us for a quote
  • 2 vCPU
  • 8gb
  • 100gb
  • Raid 10
  • SAS 15K
  • Included
  • Windows 2012/ Linux
  • Daily
  • 100%
  • Within 24 hours

Why choose a managed dedicated server with catalyst2?

If your application requires the utmost flexibility and round the clock availability, then managed dedicated server hosting from catalyst2 is the ideal solution.

For over 14 years we have been trusted to manage hundreds of mission critical applications. From assistance with design to implementation, our knowledge and experience can help ensure everything performs as expected. That is the reason why so many customers come to us for managed hosting and managed servers.

We exclusively use Dell PowerEdge servers for our managed hosting servers, built to order for our physical dedicated servers and virtual servers and allowing each to be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Windows 2012 server or CentOS Linux enterprise server is available on our Windows managed servers and Linux managed servers

Additional software such as SQL Server/MySQL can be installed and managed

cPanel or Plesk control panels are available to make everyday management tasks quick and simple

We can setup servers in a matter of hours and configure them to your exact requirements

Everything is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with alerts directly to an engineer

What types of fully managed servers do you offer?

1. Virtual Dedicated Servers – setup in less than 24 hours, customised to your exact requirements, and thanks to our redundant VMware platform these can be scaled instantly as your demand grows.

2. Physical Dedicated Servers – your own physical server. Better suited for applications requiring large amounts of diskspace, or complex clustering setups

Not sure which managed hosting solution best suits your needs? Contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

What types of fully managed servers do you offer?

We offer a range of managed server services, we have outlined the ones below that set us apart from other managed hosting providers.

24/7 UK based Friendly Expert Support

Every minute of every day, one of our support team is at the end of our freephone number or email to answer questions or queries and assist with any issues you may have. We are all based in the UK and can assist with anything from adding an email address to debugging your online applications.

100% Network Uptime Agreement

Catalyst2 provide a 100% Service Level Agreement to offer you peace of mind that our network will always be available. Our network has been built to be fully redundant, with N + 1 (thats two of everything!) at every level, meaning if any element should fail we have a hot spare ready to take its place instantly. We also have multiple connections to large international providers, and connect directly to many well known ISP’s at LINX, such as Virgin Media, TalkTalk and O2/Be.

Smart Protection and offsite backups

Our systems and staff work to ensure your server(s) with us are as secure as possible. This includes detecting potentially troublesome traffic and providing a secure connection for you to access your server. We also provide as standard full offsite backups as standard, every last bit of data on your server is backed up, not once but twice. This gives you complete peace of mind that your data is safe and secure and can be quickly and easily restored if the need arises. On our managed dedicated servers we include 7 day retention on all backups as standard.

Security Updates

As part of our managed service, we keep a close eye on the latest security updates and continually work to ensure your server is always patched and up to date. This includes not only the operating system but also any control panels or provided database software (additional software can be covered, please enquire). This means your windows managed server or linux managed server are always up to date and as secure as possible. Our fully managed servers are regularly checked to ensure all upgrades and updates have applied correctly.

Proactive server and website monitoring

Proactive is better than reactive, we always take the proactive approach to catch problems before they become an issue for your online presence. Our advanced monitoring systems check your server diskspace, processor and memory usage every 5 minutes to ensure everything is operating properly, we can also monitor database servers, websites, email and custom applications, even running through your order system automatically. This ensures we can address issues long before they affect your service. Ultimately, this is why our customers come to us for our managed hosting solutions and managed hosting services.

Dedicated Account Manager

We pride ourselves on our personal service and knowing our customers. One way we achieve this is by having a dedicated account managed for our uk managed hosting and dedicated server customers. They are your point of contact for any enquiries you may have, of course our 24×7 support team is always at the end of our freephone number to assist with any urgent queries.

Instant Failover to new server

From the bottom up we have worked hard to create a ‘zero downtime’ hosting platform, using VMware (used by the majority of FTSE 100 companies) this means that if there is an issue with the node you are hosted on, your server will moved to a new server within 2 minutes. This lets us offer a very reliable service, with excellent service levels, as we are not reliant on a single server to keep you online. This is a key part of our managed server hosting offering and one we are particularly proud of.

Dell Hardware

Catalyst2 exclusively use Dell servers, we have had an excellent relationship with Dell over the last 10 years, even appearing in their marketing using our VMware hosting infrastructure! The reliability and support their products provide help ensure we can keep you online 24×7.

Fast Setup

No more waiting around for the right spec to come into stock, we always keep spare capacity so you can be online with hours. Our advanced platform means we can configure most specifications within 2 hours, why wait around? This also means you can easily add new servers to scale with your website demand.

Migration from your existing server

Moving to a new server is often a hassle, not any more with a dedicated managed server. We will help you. As part of the fully managed servers we offer, we offer a migration service. We have worked with lots of clients to help move their sites/emails and databases from less reliable hosts to our super hosting platform. Just let us know your current setup and we can take it from there. Let our managed hosting help reduce downtime and give you piece of mind.

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