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Management Team

Paul Redpath

Paul Redpath - Director and Founder

I started catalyst2 in January 2000 to host websites made for friends and family, we have come a long way since then. Having always been more interested in the technical side of computing and the internet, hosting was an ideal challenge in a rapidly changing environment.

I continue to maintain a keen technical interest, my degree was in computing science and management, I have since added VMware and Microsoft qualifications, in addition to over 12 years of solving hosting issues.

What you may not know about me/catalyst2: We are called catalyst2 as catalyst.com was taken that January afternoon! I still have my commodore 64, with tape drive at home.

Favourite aeroplane: Boeing 747-400

Direct email address: paul [at] catalyst2.com

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Jacob Colton

Jacob Colton - Director

I joined catalyst2 in 2004 and came from a web design and FMCG background. My degree is in Business Information Systems and I previously worked for Espresso Education and more recently innocent drinks.

My focus is working with and supporting catalyst2 customers to ensure they have best possible hosting solutions.

A few things you may not know about me: I went to school with Robert Pattinson, used to drive a van covered in astroturf and daisies and know how to build walls out of tyres, manure and hay.

Favourite meal: Mushroom and Spinach Risotto

Direct email address: jacob [at] catalyst2.com

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